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Vision Exams

Not only will a technician help you be thoroughly evaluated by computerized, state of the art vision evaluation equipment, but you will also receive a personalized examination by our doctors who will explain your vision situation and the health of your visual system.


Our equipment allows us to examine your eyes from the cellular level of your cornea and also lets us visual take the back of your eye apart and evaluate the different layers.  This modern approach of examining your eyes combined with good old fashion doctor caring about your individual needs makes for an excellent experience at Drs. Becherer & Associates.


Refractive Surgery

Our doctors will discuss with you all the different options of refractive surgery, whether it is LASIK, Advanced Surface Ablanation, or Lens Exchange.  Each procedure has its advantages and disadvantages as well as risks.  First, our doctors will determine if you are a good candidate and if your expectations are attainable.  Then a special type of pre-surgical examination is completed to determine what would be best for the patient.  You will have all the follow-up care done at our office. 


Non-Surgical Myopia Correction

Dr. Becherer and Assocites was the first practice in the area to be certified to prescribe CRT (Corneal Refractive Therapy) Lenses, which are worn during sleep and removed upon waking and restore vision to 20/20.  They were the only practice in the area that participated in the 4 year University study to document safety and effectiveness of Orthokeratoloty.


Ask about this safe and effective way to 'see' clearly all day without using contact lenses or glasses.  It's even reversible and will leave the eyes as if it had never been done.


Dry Eye Therapy

Our office has the latest techniques and therapies to care for dry eyes.  It might simply be changing lifestyle or altering eating habits.  Nutritional supplements may be prescribed.  Prescription medications may be indicated as well as temporarily or more permanently closing off the patients tear drains.  Don't live with dry eyes, see our doctors for the best options.

Kids Exams

Pediatric exams are thorough and fun for the kids.  The "PEDES" exam room is designed specifically for our smaller patients.  The room has a fun mural to put the child at ease.  The equipment and exam chair are specialized for their size. The children find the exam game-like and fun.  The kids come back year after year asking if they will get to do SPOOKY EYES.  Only our little patients know what spooky eyes are.


Even the reception room allows the younger patient to become more relaxed in our office.  They can examine the big bear using real equipment.  He needs help because he can just bearly see.


We offer developmental vision exams as well.  Sometimes it's not a clarity problem but an eye that doesn't focus like it should.  If a problem is found our doctors may prescribe a special treatment to improve how the eyes work.  The treatment will be administered and managed by our vision and learning therapist, Courtney Holtzman. 

Low Vision Care

After a personalized vision examination, our doctors will make recommendations to enhance vision to its maximum. We may prescribe computer assisted vision enhancement or high quality magnifiers.  We will patiently listen to your needs and design the most appropriate care.


Low vision may be a result of macular degeneration.  Our office is equipped with a macular pigment optical density system to test a patients potential of developing this horrible disease.  Our doctors may recommend this test for patients that have a risk of developing macular degeneration.


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Our office is Wheelchair Accessible

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